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What do we mean by Spirituality?

As human beings we recognise that the business of living operates on a number of planes. A frequently used division would be into body, mind and spirit. Although for some people the word “spirituality” is a turn-off, research shows that an increasing number of people have experienced some form of spiritual awareness. Whatever names we give to the different planes on which we live our lives, we can only be ‘complete’ or ‘whole’ as people when the three aspects of self have their own strength and an appropriate interrelatedness.

In their book The Spirituality of Imperfection Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham write: “The spiritual is what makes us wholly human. It holds our experiences together, shapes them into a whole, gives them meaning, and allows them - and us - to be whole. Without the spiritual, however physically brave or healthy or strong we may be, however mentally smart or clever or brilliant we may be, however emotionally integrated or mature we may be, we are somehow not ‘all there.’”

Spirituality is what gives our life-experiences meaning. It provides us with our identities, morality and personal values. Having distorted meanings, however, can lead to difficulties in our lives.

If you have any awareness of the spiritual plane, and are interested in working out how you can make progress along it, integrating it into the other aspects of your life, we can offer you a service which is known as Spiritual Accompaniment.

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How Spiritual Accompaniment Works

Each person’s spiritual journey is their own. It may run comfortably alongside the life of a particular faith community, or be shared with a group of like-minded friends, or it may be a solitary path. My role as spiritual accompanier is to help you to discern the movement and voice of Truth / the divine / god (whatever term you are most comfortable using to describe the spiritual reality of which you are aware) in your life and discover how you can nurture and deepen this boundless source of Inner Wisdom. The “agenda” therefore is yours.

What happens in each session will be unique and depend totally on what is most helpful to you at the time; we would explore whatever theme you bring, supported, perhaps, by such resources as may seem appropriate.

Because spirituality sets the basic framework for our lives, it will feed into our attitudes to all that we do.

I will try, therefore, to create opportunities for you to explore and challenge your current perceptions and beliefs along with their impact on yourself and others, and will support you as you seek to give fulfilment to any new understanding.

What to do now

The first step is to get in touch, in order to establish whether accompaniment is the right route for you, and whether I may be the right person to provide it. During the initial contact you have a chance to ascertain if this will suit your needs.

Should we decide to work together, we will normally contract initially for 4 or 5 monthly sessions, though this can be extended, and/or the intervals varied, to take account of your continuing journey.

Sessions are normally held in my consulting room, and last about one hour. The gap in between sessions is there for you to reflect upon what we explored during the sessions and to give you time to develop your forward path, as you have envisaged it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a faith background?
No. All you need is an awareness, in some form, of the spiritual realm, and a desire to explore further your relationship with it.

Will I be expected to adopt a particular set of doctrines?
No. Trying to force people to take a particular spiritual path can be highly damaging. Even if we suppose that all spiritual realities derive from the same source, in approaching it we all have to start from where we are and take an appropriate path.

What will it cost?
The standard fee is £30 per one-hour session, though in certain circumstances this can be negotiated – please feel free to raise this in your first call to us.

For a free, confidential 20-minute phone call, please dial 07511-397479

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